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Modern witchcraft for emotional healing, spiritual guidance, growth and support. 


Hi, I'm Rachael the Love Witch,


I offer custom, bespoke, one-on-one spellwork and divination sessions for those who are committed to their goals and growth; for those that value considered quality work.

I'm an empath, green witch and shadow worker. I work remotely with people all over Australia and overseas. My calling is goal is to help people heal and to offer them spiritual guidance through witchcraft and tarot. 


I specialise in love and protection spells, self-esteem work and unbindings. I strive to de-colonise my practice and work within a non-oppressive framework that incorporates intersectional feminism. 


I welcome working with fellow queers as well as trans and non-binary people. My lavender level spells are made especially for queer people and those on lower incomes. 


I look forward to working with you.






What is witchcraft?


Witchcraft is the manipulation of energy. The kind that comes from our bodies or from our thoughts and actions. Most crucially, energy is drawn from Mother Earth and the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. 


Witchcraft is the altering of energy on the mental, astral and physical levels. It is through spellcraft that anyone practicing magick can effect change. 


Polia Giannoulidis

Rachael is incredibly caring and gentle. Her reading touched on every aspect of the situation I am dealing with. I can't thank her enough! In many ways this reading has been what I've been waiting for, it was the push I needed. This may have just transformed my life.

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ROSalie Foster.jpg

Rosalie Foster

I just had a tarot reading with Rachael and it was such a wonderful experience! Rachael was so thorough, insightful and is such a rare and special witch/healer/person! I got the most amazing vibes from her. She went above and beyond and kept me updated throughout the whole process so I really felt part of the experience! I highly recommend Rachael for any of your magical needs

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I am so grateful I have Rachael worked with me. She is very caring and supportive. She put 100% of passion and her heart into the work. She make sure my emotion is looked after and provide all the support that I needed. She has given me a lot of confidence and also some guidance for me to make the decisions. I will definitely work with her again! 


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