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You can check out my videos on YouTube by clicking on the video to the left. This will take you to one of my most popular videos. It's a lot of fun!


I have plenty of fun videos and unboxings on my channel as well as more educational videos that walk you through numerous tarot and oracle decks. I also talk about my craft and path as a witch. 


I had the incredible good luck to be able to be interviewed by Anielle Reid of the Magick and Mediums podcast. 

She approached me about doing an interview on love magick and specifically on ethical love magick. 


Click on the image to the right to have a listen. 

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Invoking Belial, a Sydney-based occultist approached me about being part of an interview for his blog. He's a fantastic occultist himself, so I was excited by the opportunity to talk in depth about my beliefs and my work.  


We had a great time getting deep into all things witchy, ethics, morals and the craft. 


You can read the full interview here. 

“To be a witch is to demand freedom from the patriarchy,” Rachael declares strongly. “It is to believe in your own sexual freedom and right to shape your own future to your best ability. To take hold of your power in ways that are truly empowering.”

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Image by Xuan, who interviewed me for an article about witchcraft. I and some prominent witches in Melbourne were featured.

You can read the whole article here



This was the article that started a slew of opportunities to speak about my craft and my business. 


I was really happy with the outcome of the piece- a perfect mixture of tack and '90s witch vibes. You can hear what I have to say about the experience of being interviewed and how it all came to be by clicking on the image. 

You can also read the online version of the article here.


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My story from That's Life! was picked up by Daily Mail and I was invited to further speak on what it is I do and what kinds of services I offer as part of my business. 


You can read the article here, or by clicking on the image. 



So I guess I'm a curious enough case that radio stations want to chat to me. Is that what's happening now? 

"What's the weirdest thing you've ever used in a spell?" You can have a listen to my answer right now. 


I was happy to receive a brief mention in this article about modern witchcraft and witches alongside the brilliant people behind the Antipodean Witch Subscription box. 


It's great that the craft is being spoken about so positively and Australian witches are being recognised for their work. 


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Rachael is based in Melbourne, on the traditional lands of the Woiwurrung and Boon Wurrung peoples of the Kulin nation. 

She acknowledges that sovereignty was never ceded and pays her respects to elders past, present, and emerging across Australia. 

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Rachael the Love Witch 

Rachael is a shadow worker and a highly intuitive, empathic witch. She works mostly within the Green Witch and Hoodoo traditions of folk magick. 

Rachael uses her gifts to help people heal as well as manifest their goals and aspirations. She is passionate about using witchcraft, divination and the powers of the earth and Spirit to fulfill her calling as a healer. is run entirely by Rachael. She hand makes all her witchy crafts so as to provide people with tools to develop their spiritual life. All her spells are bespoke and proudly drawn from many rich lineages of magick. 




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