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I'm Rachael the Love Witch. I'm a Melbourne-based witch and practitioner of magick. In 2017, after many years of being a solitary practitioner of witchcraft, I felt called to offer my services as a witch and healer to the public. 

I'm a polytheist, green witch. My craft centers around shadow work, animism, and working with the elements. I'm an empath and skilled intuitive who loves herb craft, tarot, and bone reading. 


I am in my element when helping others deal with trauma, heartbreak, and emotions that need gentle care and nurturing. 

"When I came to know myself as a witch, I came to know myself as a healer."

It is my hope that I can offer you wisdom, healing, and insight into your hopes, dreams, joys, and pain. And that together we can create the healing and change that you want and need in your life.


My work is similar to that of a therapist in that we work together to create change. I use a mixture of herbal and candle magic, divination, and tarot to help my clients with their emotional and spiritual life.  

Get in touch if you'd like to start the process of getting to know one another. May the magic commence! 


Today has been so delightfully restful.
Portrait of the love witch


  • I'm a member of the TGA - The Tarot Guild of Australia. 

  • An accredited Nature Reader (Animal Divination). I was taught by Laura Bowen. Her Indigenous connections are to the Worimi & Biripi people of the Manning River area of NSW, Australia. 

  • Bachelor of (creative) Writing from the University of Canberra.

  • Graduate Diploma in Publishing and Editing - RMIT. 

Member of the Witch Weaver Coven run by Avalon Cameron. Avalon Cameron is a hereditary Witch born and raised in Brazil but who now lives in Australia. Avalon’s family has run a Umbanda Macumba ritual space for over 70 years. 

Current study 

  • Diploma of counseling with the AIPC, specialising in trauma counseling, relationships, and art therapy.​


  • Heart-centered small business operation and management.

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