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Are you ready to join and go deeper than you ever have before? 

Membership is for those seeking the guidance of a true Witch!


The step into becoming a member is for those that are looking for personal check-ins and advice sessions throughout the year. For those that are seeking one-on-one guidance, and premium access to Rachael the Love Witch. As well as exclusive, year-round discounts!

There is a profound need for spiritual guidance, especially from a pagan perspective. I want to collaborate with you in making a membership experience that is suited to your individual needs and desires. 

Are you ready for your journey to begin? Let's get started and explore!

Full terms of service can be read here


$25 a month

Email-focused guidance package

Only 5 places available per year!


Who is membership for?

Membership is for you Magical Soul! 

It is for those seeking guidance and stewardship from a real Witch. It is for those who hunger for a spiritual lens through which to find answers to life's struggles and challenges. You can join anytime in the year.


This is your chance to work alongside the Love Witch at your own pace over the course of a full year! There's no better way to get access to one-on-one assistance.


Membership is the best value for money for seekers of ongoing, personalised advice!

Membership provides you with: 

  • Premium, priority access to The Love Witch!

  • Personal, in-depth guidance sessions over email or phone. You pick the topics and questions you want to explore.

  • 10% year-round discount for members! And other discounts ONLY for you. 

  • EXCLUSIVE access to the member-only newsletter, blog posts, webpages and content.

And offers those of you getting services: 

  • Unlimited spell planning emails.

  • Post-spell and post-tarot de-brief sessions so we can explore ALL the signs and messages meant for you.

  • More access to me during a spell or tarot service so we work through any issues or questions you are be grappling with. 

  • You are free to cancel at any time.


I look forward to you joining me on this spiritual journey of learning and discovery!


Only 5 places are available per year! You can join at any point in the year.