Anxious about what comes next? Resources for spell stress!

Hello from the Love Witch!

I want to connect you with resources that are ideal for soothing any anxiety or stress you might be feeling as we work towards the completion of your spell or tarot reading. You might be feeling pretty good about the next phase we're moving into, but on the chance, you're biting your nails, and incessantly wondering if the spell will work, or if the tarot reading will tell you what you need to know, here are some suggestions.

Sometimes we're too stressed to take in information or read blog posts that might help. If that's you, try grounding and centering to bring down any anxiety you might be holding in your body. I recommend this grounding and centering meditation.

If you're feeling too unsettled to read, or you feel jittery or like you're holding anxiety in your stomach, try any of these:

  • Work stress out of your body first through physical activity like running, gardening, yoga or dancing.

  • Then try grounding and centering or a chakra cleansing guided meditation.

  • This! is then the perfect time to read any of my recommended blog posts written especially to address any and ideally all of your possible fears or concerns. I have a page set up on my website that lists all my recommended posts and resources for clients. Click the button here to check that out.

Once you feel more relaxed take a look at the following:

  • Make sure you read the e-book I created on supporting spell work done on your behalf. I have gone into detail about what spells feel like, what the signs of it working can be, and a whole range of other topics so you know what comes next.

  • Consider if a small tarot reading on how your spell is manifesting would suit your needs. Sometimes we need more information even when we've gotten to a calmer place.

And remember, I list on every single one of my listings how long my spells and tarot readings generally take. As well as my refunds policy and how long you should wait before expecting results (from a spell). Click here to see my listings again.


You can get to know me more by looking at the 'Work with me' page and the tabs under it. I highly recommend looking at the 'What does a witch do?' page - I have spent a lot of time pre answering your questions so as to help you understand what witchcraft can and can't realistically offer. Please have a look at these pages, the FAQs and my service listings before asking me questions.

I reply to emails as quickly as I can but keep in mind that I'm not set up to answer your personal emails or messages every day. I can't keep in constant contact and get my witchy work complete. I do offer support sessions as a paid service.

If you're worried that you haven't heard from me straight away, remember that I'm a full-time professional witch and tarot reader with a number of clients and spells always on the go. Client contact hours are between 12 - 6 pm Monday to Friday Australian Eastern Standard Time. The evenings are for witchcraft!

Message me on Facebook if you need me to see a message more urgently, especially over the weekend.

I'm here to help you and walk beside you in this process. I will always endeavor to answer your questions and explain my processes and what is happening next.

I look forward to the next phase of our journey together!



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