Are these my feelings? Or is this the spell working on me?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

“Is this experience part of the spell?”

Emotional or physical pain might have arisen or you're having fights with your partner despite getting a love spell. Life isn't going as smoothly as you thought it would post spell. You're also wondering what signs are part of the spell and what's just coincidence.

These questions reveals a few underlying beliefs and struggles. You're understandably trying to get your head around what magic is and what getting a spell means. You're probably also newer to magic and trying to understand what you've bought.

A spell is not a deity. It doesn’t “know” what’s best for you - it’s not a sentient guiding force. It’s energy that can open up pathways and effect your life deeply, but you must still do the work; say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to opportunities that come up because of your own convictions. A spell doesn’t control your reality. Because no one force controls your life.

No one force controls your life - not the singularity of a god or the government, not the universe, not tarot, not what others think, not even you. Our lives are effected by a multiplicity of complex factors. A spell is an assistance to your own spiritual and emotional work. It’s not a promise that life will run smoothly or you won’t have a fight with your boyfriend, because we all have issues to still work out.

You don't need to fret that because you felt crappy on Tuesday that, that means the spell isn’t working. That's not sign one way or the other. We will all have our ups and downs as long as we live. Beware of seeing magick through a Christian world view. It will not save you from your human struggle. So many aspects of our life we can improve with work and patience, but there is no silver bullet that will make everything the way we want it to be.

Answering a question like “Is the spell working?” is really tough. What's really being asked is for me to prove to you something about magick. I talk to my clients about the spells I perform and try to illustrate what the energy and omens were like. But beyond that you need to prove magick to yourself.

"You paid for a spell in the hopes of believing in its power. What’s stopping you from feeling its energy and believing it’s working?”

I propose it's in part because you're not sure how to feel a spell, and don't yet know what its tastes and shapes are. You're yet to go on a journey of figuring out through books and experience, what a spell is. And that's okay. I suggest plenty of books on magick here.

To really know the answer to your own question you must pursue experience. I can’t convince you of magic. I can only guide you as a healer. Your own journey with your spirituality and emotions will convince you of spell work and what it does (or not).

You need to understand with your hands and heart what magick is. No one can do this for you. No explaining on my part will make magick truly real for you.

You must go on your own journey.

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