Can I feel a spell working?

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

A lot of you are curious about how you can tell if a spell is working and what you might feel during the spell work period. As you would expect it's pretty personal what people feel and what comes up during this time. But in general you might notice:

  • New opportunties coming your way

  • You might feel more open minded towards life or a situation

  • You might more easily see the good that is coming your way

  • You could also feel more emotionally resilient

  • Or that a certain pressure has lifted - you could feel more emotionally and energetically free.

People can also find they are more interested in going out and meeting potential love interests. But also, old wounds and feeling can come to the surface. These tough feelings are asking for your attention and care. If this happens, this is the perfect time to do some shadow work or work with a therapist.

Sometimes when a spell is being done on your behalf, because a spell is in part energy work being done on you, you might initially feel restless, have trouble sleeping for a night or feel generally less settled. If you experience this, rest assured it will pass and you can do some yoga, stretching, meditation or grounding work with crystals to bring you back to a more calm place. I've only had a few clients report feeling mildly restless the night I was performing a spell for them.

Ritual using my self-made wand

Taking medication (for anxiety/depression) won't block the flow of energy being sent your way and shouldn't make your anxiety feel worse. If you feel upset or distressed out of the blue or any previous physical issues like backaches occur, look after yourself and go see your GP or regular health care professional. The energy work I do is not designed to unsettle you or cause any of these symptoms, but just look after yourself if anything challenging comes up.

If you don't experience any of this, your spell is still working. I suggest using this time to do some journaling, pull some oracle cards, explore how you feel about your life and work on your goals.

I let all my clients know how their spell went and how I felt the energy was manifesting during the ritual. If there are any energetic blocks or I felt the energy was mild or soft I will tell you so we can figure out the reason and the solution. This is rare but can easily be worked through together.

You might like to get a tarot reading if old issues or feelings arise.

As a personal example, I asked for help with energetic protection from my online witch community in late 2018. I had a wonderful response. I felt a huge, instant change the night that a number of people did rituals and energy work for me. The web of jealousy and mal-intent that had been sent my way lifted. I could feel that my friends had cut those energetic cords that had been tied to me. It is hard to describe, but I felt lighter, free from burden and confident that I would no longer be attacked or effected by this person's energetic malice on a deeper, spiritual level. The sense of dread and bad luck was gone. Some of this relief would have been from knowing people were looking out for me and willing to help and also from the energy work they performed.

As a last example - take notice of your motivations. You might be inspired to cut toxic people out of your life, look after your health better, take nourishing risks, start up a new business plan and read up about money management. Take notice of your patterns and what you feel inspired to do. These are signs too.

Say yes to that which will make your life better. You don't have to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Use your discernment. Ask yourself what is bringing you closer to your goals? What hard feelings might be coming up that need your attention so that you can work through them and achieve greater healing? Working through these questions and with your feelings is part of spell work.

I hope this helps you understand a bit better what getting spell work can feel like and what the experience of getting a spell can do for you. I'll share with you in the future the ways that spells can effect other people like your ex or someone you are needing protection from.

Rachael x

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