How to find a great witch and avoid being duped by shady online mystics

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Anyone who tells you that a spell is guaranteed to bring your ex back to you is exaggerating about the nature of magick.

I’ve had many clients and potential clients ask me repeatedly if a spell is guaranteed to work. I see a correlation between these kinds of questions and people who aren’t open to developing their spiritual journey or any other option other than their ex being delivered to them. The upsetting part is that desperate spell casters or imposters will exploit this attitude and tell you what you want to hear for their survival or to feed their greed. This attitude of ‘I want what I want and if I pay enough it will happen’ is not spiritually developed and founded in a capitalist attitude towards the world and you will find many starving, scared people willing to exploit this belief system in you.

Magick can’t be guaranteed to work. Magick is a way to nudge events in your favour, it is not a cosmic cash machine. You will not get what you ask for just because you employed a witch to do what you ask for, even though she may know how to use candles, herbs and crystals as part of spell craft. So why come to a witch then? Because they do know the way to petition the gods, the universe/spirit so as to bring change into your life. But it is not a mechanical process, it is one made up of subtle energy.

Watch out for the follow when picking your witch:

• People who offer you guarantees

• People who offer you spells but don’t inform you about your own spiritual process or emotional process as part of the spellwork

• Spell casters who say that the spell will only work if you pay X amount of money

• Those who offer you more spells to get rid of curses or some negative block that is “keeping the spell from working” when the spell has not seemed to manifest

• People who offer you unethical magic are the types to later threaten to curse you if you don’t keep paying for spell work or if you ask for a refund.

It’s important to inform yourself a bit about the spiritual basis of paganism/witchcraft and energy medicine so that you won’t be taken in by these unethical practises. Those that get the best out of magick are those that, even if employing a witch, work towards supporting the spell with their mindset, energy and outlook and are open to getting what they need form the universe (not always what they want).

Also beware of the following:

• If you ask a witch “will it work?” and they say a simple "yes" and offer you guarantees, this isn't good. This person is not being honest or not educating you about the true nature of spell work and magick. And if you believe someone who simply says "yes" to that question you are very easy prey for desperate spell casters or charlatans.

• It’s also not a good sign if the witch is charging you $800 for a single spell. Spell work is highly skilled but that kind of charge is excessive. Beware a very heavy price tag. This may be an indicator of someone trying to take advantage of you.

• Anyone who says the spell will only work if you pay X amount of money is also likely taking advantage of you. Paying your witch well is important, it shows you respect their work, skill and time. Money is also a means to giving your witch energy which they will then turn into energy for your spell. And they can do things like pay off a bill that was worrying them. But no amount of money effects the outcome of a spell. No price tag guarantees the outcome.

The bottom line is that the more ignorant you are about magick and desperate for it to work, the easier you are to take advantage of and the more likely you are to be prey to people who threaten you with curses if things go badly. If you have any respect for witchcraft and want it to work for you, do some basic research about it.

How to handle a nasty spell caster:

Practise blocking negative energy if some comes your way from a nasty spell caster or poser. And remember very few witches would every actually murder a client by sending them grey energy because they demanded a refund. So don’t be intimidated by this, master blocking negative energy if you are afraid they aren’t bluffing. Most importantly, don’t ask for a refund unless you 100% know they didn’t do the spell. If they did the spell but it didn’t manifest in the way you wanted you can’t expect a refund. What you are paying for is the service, for them to put in the energy and time - not the result. The result isn't 100% up to them. The outcome can’t be guaranteed. No witch can put a guarantee on their work because that isn’t how energy works. There are a multiplicity of complexities at work in spells. That doesn’t mean you can’t try again though. Just beware a witch who doesn’t talk you through tough reasons why your ex might not be coming back to you. The truth may be that it's just not going to happen no matter how many spells you pay for. Sometimes you need to heal yourself not focus on your ex.

If you have a spiritual journey then your witch might ideally instruct you on performing your own spells or doing energy work over a few moon cycles to help manifest your desires if formal spell work isn’t manifesting in powerful change. Many spells take months even years to fully manifest and take longer term work, that's why its best if you have your own spiritual practice. Sometimes if a spell is falling short this means that there’s more work you need to do in your own psyche. This is what witches do in their own practise, they work on spells over multiple moon cycles and reflect along the way and change and tweak things depending on the messages they are getting back and if there are blocks or areas of low flow.

It's also essential to know that it's not realistic to expect a witch to do one spell and all your romantic dreams come true. The more your energetically engage with the process the more you help manifest what you want. Magick is real and it does help us bring about what we want and need in our life, but it isn’t as simple as handing over cash and you get it delivered to your door in a fortnight.

On paying a lot of money for spells:

If you are considering paying a lot of money for a spell (I’m talking about $500 for one basic love spell, nothing elaborate or done over multiple moon cycles) or you have asked a lot of witches for help or spent a lot of money but seen few or no results, take the opportunity to think about what all this money and effort says about your desires. If you are willing to sink lots of money into getting your ex back and are seeking out multiple witches so as to meet your goal there might be a problem. If you are willing to do this then you will undoubtedly meet witches that will meet you in that goal rather than telling you the hard truth; that no amount of money or spells can bring your ex back if they don't want to; sometimes its not meant to be and the issues in your relationship can’t be healed. Magick is no replacement for having good skills in a relationship and being able to communicate in a mature way. And if you are putting hundreds of dollars into getting this person back, perhaps you are basing your self worth and happiness too much on getting them back. Magick should be used first and foremost to deepen your relationship with yourself and your own growth. This is what I strive for in all my love magick, not just to heal a broken relationship but to facilitate healing and better self love in your life. So even if your lover doesn’t turn up at your door like you hoped, that doesn’t meant the spell didn’t work, you are being given a message about the reality of your connections.

If you have seen a few witches about a love spell and there seemed to be ‘no results’ don’t go about petitioning more spell casters. Ask yourself some real questions about why you are doing this and what that might say about your relationship with yourself. Are you avoiding a relationship with yourself by obsessing over getting an ex-lover back? Are you expecting the universe to meet your desire no matter that you keep getting a ‘no’ from the spell work done on your behalf?

But the spell really didn't work! I was scammed!

That could be so, we live in a world of terrible inequality, which means that many desperate people lie about magick and what they can offer for their survival. It’s ugly and tragic. Take this into account when looking for a witch to help you. There will be unethical people out there offering bogus spellwork as long as we have poverty and inadequate safety nets for people.

If a spell bounces back or dissolves a skilled and wise witch will talk to you about what this means for you. Often this means that despite their best efforts the love spell had minimal impact because the relationship isn’t meant to be or the person put under a spell (an ex) rejected the energy sent their way. An ethical witch will only nudge an ex or Paramore, not take away their free will by temporarily glamouring them only to have them leave you again when the spell wears off. Which leads me to my most important point, if you ask for unethical magick you will find unethical witches and they are highly likely to be unethical in their dealings with you. So reflect on your attitude and what you are asking for so that you are less likely to float in the direction of these people.

The number one thing to do to look after yourself when looking for a witch online is to educate yourself about what magick is and what it can realistically do.

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