What can spell work do for you? And how can we be of service to the spirit of magic?

Magic is for people who want to affect change in their own lives or in the world. You need not be a witch to benefit from magic though or be touched by it.

Judika Illes puts it best in her book, Pure Magic, that:

"Magic consists of a dialogue between Earth and yourself, a dialogue whereby you are able to express your desires, receive and recognize a response and are then able to make your wishes and desires come true... What is required is an awareness of the natural rhythms, energies, powers and patterns of Earth and her diverse inhabitants. These rhythms and powers are then manipulated in a harmonious and conscious manner to help manifest your goals."

When getting a spell done on your behalf or when performing a candle ritual yourself, you are calling upon these natural forces to help you. You are engaging with this energy that is freely available. You are telling these forces that you would like your situation to be different - that you deserve and desire more luck, better opportunities, grander love stories or a more satisfying job. And these energies, like the force of a river or a mountain, don't judge you or have hang-ups about worthiness. Because we, humans are riddled with doubts, fears, blocks, and issues of entitlement and because the world is complex, it's not as easy as wishing upon a star and getting all you desire. The resources you desire must come from somewhere so they naturally take time to find their way to you. We benefit when our eyes are open enough to see the ways our blessings are coming to us. Often they arrive in forms we don't expect.

However magic assists us, we need to be actively working towards our goals, not waiting for a poppet love spell to do all the work and hand us a sparkly new lover. We work in partnership with magic.

There's a big trend in Western books on magic and witchcraft to emphasize what magic can do for you. These books promote a stripped-back version of magic that frames witchcraft as a tool for climbing the corporate ladder, or making you successful and desired. The issue isn't so much the corporate goals or what any of us use a spell for, but what is an issue is this way of looking at magic as only a tool; as another resource that we can master and enslave in order to make only ourselves more successful.

Under this popular lens, magic becomes for some people another fad that they don't fully understand or appreciate, but that they certainly demand gives them results and fast. They are lead away from seeing witchcraft as a rich and varied tradition that they can learn from. Not everyone understands the power and necessity of approaching this living, dynamic energy force called magic with a humble heart.

This is imporant to you and I because if we approach magic and witchcraft with an attitude of reciprocation we learn not only the true nature of magic and energy work but how to approach people and the world with a heart of giving not just taking. This attitude is essential if our spells are to be successful and meaningful.

Magic doesn't owe us anything, we must instead bend towards it so as to be able to hear its whispered wisdom. We don't need to bow and scrape either, just ideally pick up a tarot deck with a generous heart or join a Sabbath meet up, perform a ritual, read a grimoire or pay for a spell with a desire to give and receive.

We can be of best service to magic and to the powerful pagan and folk witchcraft traditions we draw from when we don't demand but instead ask. When we command but don't expect. When we desire but aren't passive. If we are in partnership with the earth and with her magic then we must look after her animals, her trees, her elements and not solely with our benefit in mind. But because the earth and the magic that is connected to her and the many other realms are important for their own sake and are beyond worthy of our sacred protection.

Giving back can look like tending to your ancestral altar, giving an offering to a river that you have worked with as part of your spell, respecting those that work in the service of magic, or lighting a candle of thanks on your window sill. I offer suggested rituals and further insight on how to give back in my e-book all about getting spell work done on your behalf.

Magic is a journey. For some, getting a single spell is plenty, for others, a tarot reading puts them on a path of delving much deeper into their spiritual side. However your relationship with magic and witchcraft develops my hope is that you'll learn much more than you expected when working with me.

Till next time.



P.S If you'd like to make an inquiry about one of my services, or you have a question you can email me at rachaelthelovewitch@gmail.com

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