What to do and NOT do when getting a spell service

From "Don't Google when you're distressed" to recording omens, I'm going to reveal my best tips and tricks to help you get the best possible outcome out of your spell service.

Let's begin!

So you're getting a spell performed for you by a witch or spiritual practitioner. How exciting!

You have already done some research into the person you are working with and have come to your own conclusions about them and have started to establish trust. You've already looked into what magic and witchcraft is all about and are open-minded and curious about the path ahead.

Now here is my guide to what to do and NOT to do once the spell is active and things are underway with your chosen witch.

*The following advice works best if you already have some faith in spellcraft and some trust in magics' ability to assist you. If you want to learn more about magic, you can read more about it in my other blog posts.

What to definitely DO during the spell:

  • Once the spell is started spend the next three days doing your best to not think about the spell or worry about it. The spell is working in the liminal (unseen, energetic) realms and will, in time, manifest in the physical world we move around in and can easily perceive. SO give the spell time to work unhindered and to manifest in the physical realm as new opportunities and new outcomes.

  • After the three days, if you are a confident reader of signs, omens and symbols, start recording any synchronicities like noticing angel numbers, patterns in nature, colours, impressions, or animals that cross your path. Do these synchronicities confirm your hopes and your desire for a good outcome? Or do they confirm your fears? Or are you noticing deeper, more unexpected messages from the Spirits of nature? Feel free to talk to me about what you notice during this time and book additional email support.

  • You don’t have to have total trust that everything will “work out okay” but do your best to manage any spell anxiety that comes up or anxiety about the results.  

  • You can’t control the spell with your thoughts or with worry alone. The spell is working in the liminal and physical realms to manifest your desired outcomes, but if you negatively obsess about your hoped-for outcome or can’t manage your anxiety during the spell process you may strangle the energy with your constant worry. More on managing anxiety here.

  • I encourage you to speak to your practitioner about your fears or get an informed second opinion if you’re experiencing a lot of doubt or anxiety. With my clients I offer them email support as part of their spell or tarot service. But it does ultimately have to be up to you to manage your emotions and any anxiety that may arise, or seek support with this.

  • Spend some time working out how you might want to give back to the Spirits of the earth. It's important to give and take in life and that's the same with magic. You can get easy, clear instructions on how to do this in my booklet on supporting spell work.

  • Work out what practical efforts you are going to start engaging in that will support the best manifestation of the spell.  

  • Also, just as vital, is to spend some time figuring out what areas of your life you might want to work on. There are areas of ourselves and our lives that a spell can’t make up for, such as having bad communication skills. So, what are you going to take responsibility for? Are you going to go to group therapy? Work on healing past emotional wounding? See a trauma specialist? What healing modalities suit you? Do you like more traditional or alternative healing methods? Or a mix? Find out what works for you.

  • Remember, the spell doesn’t have a ‘mind’ as we do - so it won’t decide things for you. It will just help with attracting to you what you asked for. You decide what to do with the outcomes and energies that manifest from the spell.

  • And keep in mind, in terms of manifesting your desires, the point isn’t that things must manifest in clearly definable and obviously “magically” ways but that they manifest! So what are you going to do to make sure things go your way?

What NOT to do during the spell

  • This is NOT the time to Google! Google and online resources can be great but there is a lot of misinformation about witchcraft especially online, as anyone can present themselves as an expert without proof. This is compounded by lies and deliberate distortions that the Christian and Catholic church have spread about paganism, witchcraft, and Indigenous people’s world views and practices for thousands of years. Learning about witchcraft should be undertaken with sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and care.

  • Don’t talk to others about the spell during the spell phase (unless you absolutely have to or it can’t be avoided). From the time that you engage a witch's services till the spell is finished, don’t confide in anyone about the spell.  If you need support, confide in someone who is supportive of witchcraft and is open-minded.

  • Keeping silent is not really about confidentiality, but about protecting the energy of the spell. We don’t want outside criticism, doubt, or anti-witch sentiments to dampen your hope and faith in the outcome.  Nor do we want this doubt strangling the power we are manifesting together through the spell.

  • Do not Google when you are distressed! If you do, you will most likely find literature that you most strongly fear or are invested in. Googling when distressed often only creates a scenario whereby you confirm your fears and biases.

  • If you do google when distressed or are looking for more information about witchcraft, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure you are learning about any kind of magic or Indigenous knowledge base from the people who belong to these lineages – so read articles on Hoodoo or Conjure by African Americans.  

  • Nearly all lineages of witchcraft, paganism and indigenous knowledge have been interrupted, oppressed, suppressed and maligned by Christianity and Imperialism/ Colonialism. This means there can be a lot of racist and Christian fear-based propaganda on the internet that you want to be aware of.  

  • Many traditions have been appropriated by white people; cutting the Indigenous people and their worldview out their traditions and leaving behind a hollowed-out version of magical truth. Be aware of this when looking for writers and magical folk to inform your opinions about witchcraft.  

  • Don't let the internet solely inform your beliefs, go deeper by borrowing or buying well-regarded books and resources.

  • If you are looking for more resources on witchcraft, look at books, websites and podcasts that give you a clear idea of who the authors are, their backgrounds, experience, specialties, and where they got their ideas from, and that tell you how long they have trained for or been a practitioner of their craft. Make sure you are reading resources on Indigenous belief systems that are written by people who belong to these groups. 

If you want to take a deeper dive into any of these topics, download my booklet on supporting spellcraft and getting the most out of your service. Check it out here.

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