This is the dark, ceramic companion to my Love Witch herbal, smoking blends that I'm in the midsts of creating and working hard to make available to you soon. These bowls were made especially for rolling my herbal cigarettes so as to make the whole experience as highly magical as can be. Each one is unique and somewhat different in shape and size to the next. Your bowl will be entirely your own; no one else will have a herbal, smoking bowl just like yours.


Each one has been made with the intention of creating a ritual out of preparing herbal cigarettes to smoke. You place the herbs in the circular depression and your chosen paper in the elongated divet and then roll your cigarette. 


These herbal bowls are made of stoneware clay and are glazed in gloss or satin black. The satin black in more understated and the gloss black is for those that love an intense, sensual, gloss. Both are stunning and create a gorgeous tactile experience. 


These bowls are rustic in style, please be aware of that before buying. 


This listing is for one satin black bowl. 

Sizing: 13cm x 9 cm 


1# Ceramic herbal smoking bowl (satin black)

  • No refunds or returns for change of mind. I do not take responsibility for broken or lost items in the mail. 


    I will do my best to help you if these issues arise though. 

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