Consulations are often essential as they help give me a good idea about who you are, your needs, desires, psychology, and what services might be the best fit for you. These sessions are essential for me to get an idea of who you are and how I can help you. I also do my best in these conversations to make sure we're on the same page and you have realistic expectations of what spellcraft can do for you. 


Consultations are required before any spellwork can be done. They are also a good idea before getting a tarot reading or any divination work. If you would like something more informal we can chat over email. I just need to get a good idea about who you are and what your needs are before we head into a spell or a tarot session together. 


All of my work is customised to each client, so this is also the time where we can talk about what tweaks I can make to your desired spell so as to suit your unique situation.


We can also talk about my levels of service and setting up a payment plan via PayPal if need be. 


  • 30 minutes - $50 

  • 60 minutes - $90

  • 90 minutes - $140 


60-minute consultations are a good fit for most people. It goes surprisingly quick! You need to pay upfront for this. If you aren't sure how much time you'll want or need, you can book in for a 30-minute consultation and I can send you an invoice for any additional time if we hit the 60 or 90-minute mark. 


Please email me at to arrange a time to chat. Once that's been done, and you've paid in full we can go ahead with getting to know each other. 


Have a look at my FAQ and other pages on my website so we can avoid spending too much of our time going over things that are easily read on my site.


Consultations are via Skype (at an arranged time)

60 min consultation with the Love Witch

  • A consultation determines if and how we might ideally work together. 


    You also have a chance during the session to get a feeling about me and get an idea if you think we will work well together. 

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