What habits do I want to take with me into the dark half of the year? What goals do I want to have manifested by the winter solstice? 


This month we celebrate the first dark moon of autumn! Of the peace season that brings with it abundant rain, new growth after the bush fires, refreshing winds and calm after the tension of the fire and storm season. 


Now is the time to begin our deeper reflections on our habits, our spiritual practice, and work on our desires and goals for the oncoming dark half of the year. Come be a part of a group spell that captures the emerging energy of autumn and the peace moon on the 23/24th of March.


The dark moon is a tremendous time for healing and new beginnings. It is when many witches rest or do personal work but also when anyone can plant the seeds of their goals and desire for the next moon cycle and beyond.


There are only 10 places in the months' group ritual!

I apologise that I can't offer any free or libation placements this month. I don't have the personal energy to support this service this month. 


The March peace (dark) moon comes right after the autumn equinox and blesses us with a balance of hot and cold, mellow sunshine, lengthening shadows and lush grass along with a shy hint of autumn's deeper, darker kiss to come. Soon we shall celebrate Samhain, but the peace season, for now, is gentle and light. We begin our deeper contemplation, to move inward, to reflect and enjoy the physical and emotional calm after the previous season's tempest. 


This group spell will help you with:

  • Harnessing the energy of the dark moon and new beginnings.
  • Pushing new or existing goals to fruition. 
  • Your spiritual practice.
  • Cultivating habits, goals and mindsets that you want to take with you into the dark half of the year.
  • Cultivate your inner focus and reflection. 


This is the ideal time to work on yourself and enjoy the balance of light and dark before we descend into the darker half of the year and a changed focus to that of ancestors, spirit work, divination, and the life-death-life cycle of winter. 


If you're in the northern hemisphere you can still be involved as we share cross over energies even as we enter opposing seasons. 


What you will get:

  • You'll be a part of a group altar set up that captures the energy of the peace moon on the 23/24th of March.
  • You'll be supported by group energy and collective goals. 
  • 1 taper candle set up in your name as part of the spell.
  • Additionally, your 3 wishes/desires for this March dark/new moon written on a petition paper and given over the flames in a group cauldron ritual.
  • Group feedback will be given via Instagram stories/IG TV.
  • A brief individual candle wax report will be given via Instagram stories/IG TV.


If you haven't already, I suggest you purchase my e-book on supporting spell work. It takes you through how through ritual, small spells and outlook better enable your spell to manifest.


Your 3 wishes/goals can involve:

  • Your spiritual practice.
  • Your mindset and mental health.
  • Abundance and romance.
  • Personal growth and habits.


    Or you can also briefly answer the question:

    What habits do I want to take with me into the dark half of the year? What goals do I want to have manifested by the winter solstice? 



    If you want to go ahead, please check out the spell and let me know your name, your age, star sign, where you are based. As well as fill out your 3 wishes/desires. Please make sure you send me all the details. I can't chase a dozen people up. Thank you for understanding.

    Autumn peace moon group spell

    • 2-6 weeks or about a full moon cycle (from when the spell was started) is an estimate of how long it can take to see things change and manifest. 

      Something to consider is that some spells in conjunction with the work we're doing on ourselves can take a while to manifest.

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