I offer custom, bespoke, one-on-one divination for those who are committed to their goals and growth. For those that want a deep and moving experience, and value considered, quality work.


Nature Reading is the art of diving meaning from animal encounters. Your experience with an insect, amphibian, mammal, gatrapod or other critter can be used to understand what an Animal Messenger is trying to communicate to you. Animals, even the ones you don't like or that scare you, can have crucial and deep messages for you.


    How it works:

    You'll be sent a questionaire to fill out before your sceduled Skype or phone call. This questionare will ask you to identify the animal you've had an encounter with and the context in which you encountered them. You'll also be asked to answer some general questions about the kinds of aninals you are both attracted to and repelled by.


    In the call we will discuss my findings and the details of your animal message, and the impact this has on your current path. Animal Messengers can speak to any area of your life. We will explore your encounter and the answers you gave in the questionare so as to identify opportunities or issues in your life.


    In the call I will give you tools to unlock your strengths and work on any potential areas where you are blocked or held back. You'll be supported throughout this process of gentle, personal reflection and investigation. You'll come away from our session with a clear understanding of what the animal you had an encounter with was communicating to you. You'll also have a have a practical understanding of how this message applies to you and your life path.


    To book a reading you will need to go through the checkout process and then email me by either replying to your invoice/booking confirmatin or via the contact tab so as to set up a time for us to have our 1 hour Nature Reading session via Skype or phone call.


    Once you've made payment you will be sent the questionaire, which needs to be filled out at least 48 hours before our sceduled call. You will also need to sign the terms of service aggrement in order to proceed with your Reading.


    Nature Reading - animal divination

    • Refunds are offered on a pro- rate basis. There is a $40 admin fee for cancelling a service. You can read my full terms of service here.

      If you would like a different spell or service once your payment has gone through, contact me.

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