This prayer candle service is for those of you needing help from me (in any area) but don't have the funds for a spell right now. Prayer candles offer those that use them, a way to have their needs, goals and desires heard by Spirit, your ancestors, your chosen deity or element. The light, flame, smoke, and intent lifts your request to those that need to hear them. Prayer or vigil candles as they are sometimes called, are a small but powerful spiritual support in your time of struggle or need.


Get my e-book on supporting spell work to get a detailed understanding of how to receive assistance through spell work done on your behalf. 


For a small fee, I will put your name 'into the fire' this means I will write your name, date of birth, and area of inquiry/issue/goal (it must be one area) on a petition paper to be placed with the appropriate prayer or vigil candle. I have protection candles available, as well as love, block-buster, new moon, full moon and deity candles that I can use to suit your needs. 


This service does not replace spell work, nor should any alternative intervention replace seeing your doctor or getting professional support if you're being bullied, harassed, or in physical or emotional danger and distress. This service supports but does not replace, all the other work you are doing to solve your issue or improve an area of focus. The prayer service has been specially designed to assist those in financial distress. 



If you want to go ahead, please let me know your name, your date of birth, the country you live in, and fill out your ONE wish/goal/area of needed assistance. Please make sure you send me all the details. 


Note: In this instance, I can't give any estimate of when your desire, wish or goal might manifest. I can do a tarot reading for you if you would like to know this though. 


*I make no claim that this prayer candle will 100% manifest your desires. All spells are done with the highest hope and best intentions but no spell can be guaranteed. 🔥I make no claim to be able to cure any diseases. You can ask for physical or mental health assistance in your petition but I make no claim that I can cure you. 🔥 This service supports your efforts to stay safe and make sensible choices, it does not replace them. You are still responsible for looking after your health and safety.

Prayer candle service - any area

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly top up
Save $2 a month on 6 month subscription
AU$8.00monthly/ 6 months
Monthly top up
short term top up service
AU$10.00monthly/ 3 months
Monthly top up
For as long as you need
AU$10.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • I don't offer refunds for change of mind or if you feel the results of the spell or service didn't manifest in the exact way you wanted them to. The work has been done. Once payment has gone through my work begins.

    If you would like a different spell or service once your payment has gone through, contact me. It is at my discretion whether I can or will do a different spell or offer you a different service. I will try and help you if I can.

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