A protection poppet spell is well-suited to those that are experiencing bullying, intimidation, abuse, or psychic and magical attacks from another person. Using sympathetic magic, this style of a spell is made to energetically protect you from further harm. This spell needs to be paired with wise and practical efforts to reduce harm and to protect yourself as well. 


This spell is based on the Hoohoo traditions that have come out of the African American tradition of magick. This spell involves sympathetic magic using a poppet and the name, and photo of the person who's giving you serious trouble. The spell needs to be performed over three nights. 


Poppet work is initially softer in effect but has more lasting long-term effects. My skull candle version of the spell is ideal if you're needing a real kick to create initial dramatic change. This poppet protection spell is ideal for supporting long-term change.


This spell involves the use of candles as well as a poppet. I use taper and/or chime candles in certain colours to help assist with specific issues. Blue candles are ideal for healing, black for banishing, and white for cleansing, and breaking ties. 


We'll discuss in your consultation how this spell can be adapted especially for you. If need be I can pass along information on doing your own protection magic to further support the work I'm doing on your behalf. 


I encourage you to read my e-booklet on supporting spell work done on your behalf. 


You receive:

  • Free initial 5-10 minute inquiry 
  • 4 free support emails during the spell process 
  • 3 nights spent on the spell
  • 1 hand-made poppet used in the ritual
  • Chime candles and bespoke candle dressing used
  • Pins used on key energy and chakra points (if needed) 
  • Protection altar set up for you (using herbs, crystals, fruit, spices, and candles)
  • Photos of spellwork sent to you
  • Information on doing your own protection magic
  • Feedback on spellwork + detailed wax report (once the spell has been finished)


You'll receive multiple photos and videos of your spell as well as a mid-spell update and a detailed final report. The final email report is 500+ words long.


Once we have had a consultation together, please check out your spell and let me know your name, your date of birth and send me a photo of yourself. It is essential I have as much information about the other person as possible, so please also send me the same information about them and their photo. 



*These are a re-working of your existing spell and poppet. You will get feedback on how the spell went but no detailed spell report. 

Protection poppet spell

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  • I don't offer refunds for change of mind or if you feel the results of the spell didn't manifest in the exact way you wanted them to. The work has been done. Once payment has gone through my work begins. 

    If you would like a different spell or service once your payment has gone through, contact me. It is at my discression whether I can or will do a different spell or offer you a difference service. I will try and help you if I can. 

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