Rachael the Love Witch offers a bespoke, carefully crafted spell service for those that value considered, quality witchcraft. 


If you would like to engage me in spell work, let's have a chat over email or have a consultation together first. 


Spell jars are used in many witchcraft tradtions. They are especially well known for being used in the Hoodoo tradition of folk magic.


A spell jar can be used for any purpose. They are wonderfully effective when needing protection from a person, group or situation. They can be used to reflect back any hate or bad vibes coming your way, send back jealousy and negativity as well as ward off specific people and intrusive energies. 


A protection spell jar can be used to:

  • Calm or deflect a difficult person or situation. 
  • Protect you from negative or hostile energies. 
  • Energetically protect you from energy vampires. 
  • Driveaway people or energies that are causing you harm. 
  • Help you break emotional and energetic ties with toxic people. 
  • Assist with your efforts to cut yourself off or protect yourself from an abuser or bully. 
  • cut cords with a toxic person or past situation. 
  • help stop someone from contacting you.
  • Bring you a sense of peace knowing you are energetically guarded. 
  • Send back the Evil Eye and jealousy. 
  • Assist with your energetic cleansing and maintenance. 
  • Send back and dissolve any spells done against you. 


Protection spells works alongside the work you're already doing to practically support and protect yourself. Magic does not replace therapy, professional medical advice or emergency services when needed. 


Types of magic and divination used in this service:

  • Spell bottle magic
  • Candle magic 
  • Herbal magic 
  • Wax divination 
  • Colour magic 
  • Elemental magic 
  • Petition magic 


Sometimes I also include:

  • Tarot magic
  • Sympathetic magic
  • Petitioning a deity, elemental or spirit on your behalf. 


What you get as part of this service: 

  • 2 free initial inquiry emails 


  • Email support over the spell period 


  • A custom spell created to suit your individual needs.


  • 1-3 nights spent on the spell


  • 1 taper candle and 1 jar used in the ritual


  • A sour altar set up for you (using herbs, crystals, fruit, spices, and candles)


  • Corresponding oils, prayers, and herbs are selected and used in your working. The appropriate prayers and offerings are made to any deities, spirits, or elementals I petition on your behalf. 


  • Specially selected candles, colours, flowers, spices, and tools are used in your ritual. Your spell is placed on a corresponding altar created, and maintained by Rachael the Love Witch. 


  • Wax report and feedback on how the spell went. 


  • Photos and video of your spell at the start and end of the spell work. 




You can also have the following additional candle service for a small extra cost (see add ons bar. Please unselect these options in the dialogue box if you don't want them). 


  • Skull candle for influencing people 
  • Cat candle for good luck or breaking hexes, curses and bad luck 
  • Extra taper candles to boost the spell 


We can establish during the consultation what add ons might be right for you.


Once we have had a chat together, please check out your spell and let me know:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth (D/M/Y)
  • Where you are based (country)
  • As well as the same details about the person the spell is intended to affect. 
  • I will also need you to email me a photo of yourself and anyone involved in the spell. 



*These are a re-working of your existing spell jar with 1 taper candle and 2-4 chime candles ONLY. You will get feedback on how the spell went but no detailed spell report. 

Protection spell jar - "I am safe, I am well guarded"

Candle add ons
Extra services
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly top up
reworking of the jar spell only (no candle add ons)
AU$70.00monthly/ 3 months
Monthly top up
reworking of the jar spell only (no candle add ons)
AU$80.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • I don't offer refunds for change of mind or if you feel the results of the spell didn't manifest in the exact way you wanted them to. 

    If you would like a different spell or service once your payment has gone through, contact me and I will and help you out. 

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