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Initial 5 -10 minute inquiries are free.

If you would like to engage me in spell work, let's have a chat over email or have a consultation together first. 


This spell is ideal for those who are wanting to boost their self-esteem and to welcome new energy into their life. This spell marks the beginning of your new adventure. This spell also has a cleansing aspect added to it so as to assist you with breaking away from past pain and baggage that may be impeding your growth or feeling better about yourself. 


I highly recommend that you get a tarot reading before getting this spell done. It will provide us both with helpful information about what the core issues or concerns are in your life. 


You receive:

  • Free initial 5-10 minute inquiry 
  • Support during the spell process (250 words are free, if you wanting further email/online support, this service is billed)
  • 1-2 nights spent on the ritual
  • 1 figure candle used 
  • Pins used in key energy centers 
  • An altar set up for you (using herbs, crystals, chime candles, spices, and flowers) 
  • Detailed wax divination report
  • Feedback on spellwork (once the spell has been finished)
  • Photos of your spell sent to you


You'll receive multiple photos and videos of your spell as well as a mid-spell update and a detailed final report. The final email report is 500+ words long.




  • Yoni or phallic candle to help with healing sexual woundings. 


Once we have had a consultation together, please check out your spell and let me know your name, your age, star sign, where you are based. I will also need you to email me a photo of yourself. 


All ritual photos are from spells I have performed for clients and have been shared with their permission.

New start spell: self esteem + cleansing

Add ons
  • I will advise you when these moon phases will be occurring and when your spell can go ahead. Once you pay your place is booked and your spell can happen asap. Spells can take 1-3 weeks to complete.

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