I do custom, bespoke, one-on-one divination for those who are committed to their goals and growth. For those that want a deep and moving experience with tarot and oracle cards, and value considered, quality work.


My services are best for those of you that are looking for an in-depth, carefully considered reading that is going to go a long way to explore the heart of an issue and give you lots of feedback and options as to what you can do next. My readings will offer you insight into what is going to manifest next and what you can do to harness your future and take hold of it. 


All my tarot sessions are in-depth so as to give you the greatest insight possible. You’ll understand how and why I come to my conclusions through the style of writing and reports that I offer. This is so that you too can see and understand the pathways ahead of you, instead of just being told, as many other Readers do. Doing it this way I believe gives my clients agency over their life path and decisions. Through my tarot readings, I want to give you the tools and insight to make informed choices about your future. 


This spread gets to the very heart of any issue and reveals with subtlety the pathways available to you. It is suitable for all inquiries where you want to go deep into an issue and uncover what is hidden under the surface. 


The reading can focus on any aspects of your love life, job, family, home, spirituality, money or friendships.


What you’ll get as part of the tarot and divination experience: 

  • Support emails throughout your service. 


  • Up to 10 tarot and oracle cards pulled for you.


  • From selecting what spreads to use, to pulling your cards while in sacred space and then writing up your report, this takes me 4+ hours to complete. You'll be getting a deeply considered reading that is devoted to your needs and questions. 


  • I seek out or create the best spreads for your situation based on what you’ve told me in our consultation. 


  • You'll get photos of your gorgeous cards, and the spread I’ve chosen for you, as part of your tarot report. 


  • You’ll be getting a report written by Rachael, who has a Bachelors's in creative writing and is a member of the Australian Tarot Guild of Australia. Your write-up will be practical and address your concerns but also be evocative and powerfully written so as to prepare you for a whole new way of looking at your past, present and future. 


  • You’ll get a 2,000 - 3,000 word report with a breakdown of each card and its meaning for you, as well as detailed feedback on the overall messages the tarot has for you in a way that specifically speaks to the issues you are needing insight and advice about. 


  • Follow up email answering your questions about the reading.


Readings can take 1-3 weeks or more to complete depending on demand. 

Once you purchase this tarot reading I will send you a follow-up email making sure I have all the information I need to go ahead. We may need to clarify your question or focus. 


Please let me know the following: 

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth 
  • Where you are based
  • Your 1-3 questions for the tarot
  • What you are needing help with or seeking answers about 
  • Names and date of birth/star sign for anyone else involved 


Please provide me with plenty of information surrounding the situation you are seeking guidance about. Feel free to email me extra details. All your information is kept private and just between us.

'The heart of the matter' tarot reading - 10+ cards

Add ons
  • The outcomes are based on your current situation and chosen path. There are many possible outcomes in life depending on what we choose for ourselves, so the messages in your reading are not set in stone nor reveal a predestined outcome. 


    If you are worried about the outcome of your reading, especially if you got many challenger cards, please contact me. I'm here to walk you through anything that comes up.

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