This spell has been updated to include a detailed wax report as part of the overall cost. I have found my clients want to know what is in their ex's head, what their thoughts and feelings are and how the future is likely to manifest based on the wax reading. This is now part of the package of this spell. You can still select or un-select any other add ons BEFORE you go through the checkout. Blessings.


Initial 5 -10 minute inquiries are free. ​

If you would like to engage me in spell work, let's have a chat over email or have a consultation together first. 


This spell comes from the Voodou tradition of folk magic. Skulls candles are incredibly versatile and are fantastic for creating fast, punchy action. This ritual uses a combination of herbs, candle magick, and pins to create your desired outcome. 


Herbs like lavender and borage are used to calm the emotions and promote reconciliation. These herbs are put inside the skull candle, which is a representation of your beloved. Pins are then put in the skull so as to create thought forms that will help persuade them to be open to the idea of reconciliation. This spell won't force your ex to get back with you, this spell is about calming the hurt and the pain in a relationship so that they can consider a way forward with you. I also like to use chime candles to support this spell. Blue candles are ideal for healing, pink for bringing the sweetness back into the relationship and yellow improving friendship. 


It's important to be open to change and taking on board feedback from your loved ones so that you can grow together. This skull candle spell is an assistant to your emotional development and the work you're already doing on improving your relationship. 


This spell is great to do in addition to my poppet reconciliation spell. Poppets are ideal for effecting long-term change and are often needed when trying to patch up a fractured relationship.   


You receive:

  • Free initial 5-10 minute inquiry 
  • 4 free support emails during the spell process 
  • Free e-book on supporting spell work done on your behalf
  • 1-2 nights spent on the spell
  • 1 skull candle used in the ritual
  • Chime candles and bespoke candle dressing used
  • Pins used on the skull (to create thoughts in the target)
  • A reconciliation altar set up for you (using herbs, crystals, fruit, spices, and candles)
  • Photos and video of spellwork sent to you
  • Feedback on spellwork + detailed wax report (once the spell has been finished)


You'll receive multiple photos and videos of your spell as well as a mid-spell update and a detailed final report. The final email report is 500+ words long.



You can also have the following additional candle service for a small extra cost (see add ons bar. Please unselect these options in the dialogue box if you don't want them). 


  • Anti-bewitchment candle used if you are worried that someone may have used magic against you or the other person in the spell.


We can establish during the consultation what add ons might be right for you.


Once we have had a chat together, please check out your spell and let me know your name, your age, date of birth, and where you are based. As well as the same details about the person the spell is intended to affect (your ex, a family member, etc.). I will also need you to email me a photo of yourself and anyone involved in the spell.

'Think of me fondly' reconciliation skull candle spell

Add ons
  • I don't offer refunds for change of mind or if you feel the results of the spell didn't manifest in the exact way you wanted them to. The work has been done. Once payment has gone through my work begins. 


    Your payment allows me the time, energy and resources to work on your behalf.


    If you would like a different spell or service once your payment has gone through, contact me. It is at my discression whether I can or will do a different spell or offer you a difference service. I will try and help you if I can. 

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