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Initial 5 -10 minute inquiries are free.

If you would like to engage me in spell work, let's have a chat over email or have a consultation together first. 


This level of service is ideal for return clients who I have worked with recently (in the past 6 months ideally) who are looking for extra support through a top-up spell. This is designed to boost your prior spell service and help push your goals to further manifest. This can be particularly useful for protection spells or any spell that involves not just you but another person as it's harder to influences other people. 


It can take time to manifest our goals and for change to happen. Just how long differs from person to person and is dependant on a lot of internal and external factors, not just the strength of the spell. So this service is ideal for adding further strength to your manifestations. 


You receive:

  • Free initial 5-10 minute inquiry
  • Email support during the spell process 
  • 1-2 nights spent on the ritual
  • Altar set up for you (using chime candles, herbs, flowers, and crystals) 
  • 1-2 taper candles used in your spell (not figure candles)
  • Or a poppet or spell jar used in your spell depending on prior workings
  • 3+ chime candles used as extra energetic support to your spell 
  • General wax divination report
  • Feedback on spellwork (once the spell has been finished)
  • Photos of your spell sent to you


Please let me know what spell we are continuing with (a prior, health, love spell, etc.) and if anything about your situation has changed. 

Top up Spell - Silver Moon Service

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  • 2-6 weeks, or about a full moon cycle (from when the spell was started) is an estimate of how long it can take to see things change and manifest. 


    Also something to consider is that some spells in conjunction with the work we're doing on ourselves can take a while to manifest. The various modes of healing we are using to facilitate change all have their impact and bit by bit bring us to where we want to be in life. 


    It can sometimes be a long term process to see big changes in your life, but know that the energy in the spell is out there is the universe taking action and is working on your behalf, even beyond the four week mark.

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Rachael is based in Melbourne, Australia. 

P: +61 3 9015 4653

E: rachaelthelovewitch@gmail.com 

Rachael does answer emails outside these hours but doesn't take calls or usually book Skype consultations outside these contact hours. The evenings are for witchcraft. 

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Rachael is based in Melbourne, on the traditional lands of the Woiwurrung and Boon Wurrung peoples of the Kulin nation. 

She acknowledges that sovereignty was never ceded and pays her respects to elders past, present, and emerging across Australia. 

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Rachael the Love Witch 

Rachael is a shadow worker and a highly intuitive, empathic witch. She works mostly within the Green Witch and Hoodoo traditions of folk magick. 

Rachael uses her gifts to help people heal as well as manifest their goals and aspirations. She is passionate about using witchcraft, divination and the powers of the earth and Spirit to fulfill her calling as a healer. 

RachaeltheLoveWitch.com is run entirely by Rachael. She hand makes all her witchy crafts so as to provide people with tools to develop their spiritual life. All her spells are bespoke and proudly drawn from many rich lineages of magick. 




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