Recommended witches and pagan services


These are the witches, tarot readers, astrologers, shops, and services that I recommend you check out if you're looking to hire a witch or divination specialist, or if you're just wanting to learn more about the Craft. 

I'm not responsible for your experiences with any of these individuals or services. This list is merely a guide to help you find the right practitioner for you. 

Australian/New Zealand- based witches, tarot readers, and mystics

I have had personal contact with all those listed below. I recommend each one because of their high quality of work, great ethical frameworks, and deeply authentic offerings. 

You can access these services online or in person. 

Sigil Anna - custom, bespoke sigil creation services. 

Laura Bowen - animal divination services and courses in nature reading and oracle creation. 

Avalon Cameron - tarot services + teacher of magic and tarot. 

Spellbox - tarot services in person or over the phone + premium witchcraft supplies. 

Circle of Wolves (Jessica Shaw) - tarot readings 

Elfhame - a glorious place to visit in person. They offer a queer-friendly space to pick up curios, books, elegant wands and tools as well as provide in-person divination and tarot services. 


USA-based witches who offer spell services

I have had some personal contact with those listed below. I have observed each one and their work and can see that they offer high-quality assistance to those who are seeking a Witch and spellcraft. I believe each one is a genuine and powerful practitioner of magic. Respect them. 


Bloodmoon Bruja - group spells and sigil creation. 

Modern Persephone - love focused group spells.

Hex Slut - dark and light spell services (ideal for those seeking reconciliation work).

The Living Altar - Queer Romani witches serving the (LGBTQI+) community with spell work. 

Hoodoo Belle - offers a wide range of spell services.

Whispers of the dark moon - deliciously dark and dirty love spells (ideal for those seeking reconciliation work).


Recommended pagan directories - Australia

These groups can connect you with genuine and highly regarded witches, pagans, tarot readers and practitioners of magic. 

Natural therapy pages - alternative health services directory.

Spheres of light - pagan/witchcraft group and services directory. 

Tarot Guild of Australia - accredited tarot readers directory, courses, and events. 


Melbourne Australia,  witchcraft supply stores and services

I know all the individuals listed personally and highly recommend them for your various witchy needs. 

Access these services by visiting in person or seeing their websites. 


Liminal place​ - mindfully sourced animal bones for use in divination and for purchase. 

Muses of Mystery - tarot, reiki, spell advice, and Hoodoo-friendly witchcraft supplies. 

Witchin’ Wares - hella witchy spell supplies, wearable items, and markets in the Melbourne area. 

Angels Trumpet - New Age supplies, in-person tarot services. 

Crystal Heart - New Age supplies and crystals. 

Faerie Sarah - teacher of the Fae, painter, maker, and Art witch. 

Earthly Alchemy - subscription boxes, hand-made ritual candles, sprays, magical oils and other witchy supplies. 


Australian online witchcraft supply stores

I know all the individuals listed personally and highly recommend them for your various witchy needs. 


Access these stores and services online. 


Eldertree apothecary - witchcraft supplies store with special emphasis on high-quality soy spell candles in a big variety of shapes and styles. 

Juniper Moon Apothecary - offering hand-made spell oils, dried herbs and resins for the earthy witch. 

Sorcerous Sundries - hand-made, spell oils, perfumes, candles and spell supplies. 


USA/UK/World - resources and groups

Little Red Tarot - indie tarot-focused divination community offering resources to learn tarot and discover new decks. 

Witch With Me - online witchcraft community and hub with resources for the new witch to the adept. 

Enchanted Living -  is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted (witchcraft, fairies, spirituality).