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If you are looking for a life-changing tarot reading, you have found it! 

Through this portal, you will find your way to all kinds of exciting tarot readings and divination services that will allow you to explore your deepest questions and wonderings. 

Rachael is a Witch and Tarot Reader that cares about every client and the problems they seek answers to. She specialises in offering life path and spiritual readings; readings about love, relationships, reconciliation, breakups, and working through interpersonal conflict.


Rachael is called to offer those that need her, deep assistance and guidance. Her work is life-changing because she shows you how and why she sees what she does through the tarot, so you can make empowered choices for yourself that make sense.


Her work is meticulous, profoundly moving and deeply felt.


If you feel the call, you are invited to enter the world of tarot with Rachael as your guide. 

Let's see what is in store for you!



These tarot readings are sorted by the number of questions you would like answered. You decide on your area of inquiry.