What does a witch do?

How the Love Witch works & how to think about magic

Think of me as an alternative therapist. Not an alternative to therapy. 


My work is based on psychology and counselling principles which are applied to alternative healing modalities, such as herbalism, spellcraft, and divination.


"I don't fix you, we work together."

Witches, shamans, shadow workers and light workers were the original healers. 

Witches and shadow workers worked with people's psychic darkness and pain as well as their physical and spiritual ailments so as to bring them healing. Some ancient witches used divination to offer people guidance and insight. Many types of ancient healers have used a connection to the divine (feminine) to assist their clients and those in their community. Using the abundant energy and resources found in nature, especially in the elements of air, fire, water and earth has always been central to witchcraft. 




We walk beside each other on a journey of healing and goal setting. I'm here for emotional support as we create magick together. 


You have the opportunity when working with me, to engage with the spiritual, psychological and emotional process that is involved in seeking out a witch to facilitate your growth. I am alas, not like the fairy godmother in Cinderella, able to wave my magick wand make your dreams come true. Magick, like any other healing modality, doesn't offer you a silver bullet or cure all. Magic does offer you the opportunity to radically change you life and take charge of your life. 

Spells and magick don't replace other healing work, instead, they work together. You want to throw everything you've got at your goals. Use all your skills and try anything that gels with you! 

Sometimes change is fast, sometimes it is slow. You can come to me for one spell or we can work together long-term, but either way, this is your chance to commit to your personal development. My desire is to help you with that commitment so that can, for example, manifest the money you want in your life, find a new lover who loves you in the way you deserve or to set better boundaries. 


An important note: 


If you have had past trauma (like so many of us do) we can absolutely work together! I also encourage you to work with a professional counsellor or therapist to assist you long-term, especially if you have struggled with or you currently have an eating disorder, self-harm or have been in abusive relationships.


I'm hesitant to take on clients who aren't open to working with a trained counsellor or therapist and have current or past issues with the above. It's very important that you have professional, long term support.