What is magick and witchcraft?


Magick is an energetic exchange 


Magick is first and foremost a reciprocal relationship between the practitioner and the elements she works with, be they the elements of earth, air, fire and water, spirits, deities, and ancestors. Magick is an energetic exchange between the energy in the earth. Some witches access power and guidance through ancestor worship, divination, working with gods and goddesses, spirits and those that have passed over. 

"By definition, magic is mysterious and effective. The effective part is crucial: magic is a practical art. There are spells that have lasted for millennia. If they absolutely didn't work for anyone, they wouldn't be remembered. The converse is also true: no one thing works for everyone. This goes for conventional medicine, traditional medicine, educational theories and magic, too." Judika Illes, Pure Magic, p.1. 

Much of the terror of witches is based on people's fear of women that have personal power and that operate outside of patriarchal control. The fear of witches hexing people or cursing them is a projection of people's own suppressed ability to be violent, petty or arbitrarily harmful. Everyone has the ability to either to be a blessing or a curse upon others and more often than not, it is those without self-reflection and an autonomously built sense of morality that cause the most harm. 


Anyone can access the energy and power that can be found in the earth and the elements. Those that have done this have been historically called witches. Some are, some aren't. Many practices understand energy centers in the earth and body. Chinese medicine, tai chi, reiki are all examples of healing practices that work with concepts of energy centers in the body. Westerners commonly know about these centers as chakras. Eclectic witchcraft incorporates many of these concepts from other parts of the world into our worldview as they add to our knowledge and build on what the ancient pagans and witches (of many regions) knew about energy. 



Not all witches work in the same way or work with deities





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I identify as a witch, with the word witch and all the power that comes with that. I work to reclaim that term from its misunderstood reputation. Witches do not have any concept of Satan in their worldview, he belongs to the imagination of Christians. Satanists worship a non-Christian version of such a being, but not in the way you might think. Their work belongs to a different path to witchcraft, even though there can be some overlap in basic beliefs regarding energy and working with the elements. Witchcraft and Satanism aren't belief systems that infringe on people's human rights, it is the Christian faith that has a long tradition of that. The reason why witches have been hunted and wrongly linked with Satan (a twisted version of a horned god, most likely Pan and Cernunnos) has everything to do with Christianity's need for control and their theosophical inability to tolerate other faith and beliefs. 



I am not a Wiccan, I'm a Witch



I do not worship a god and a goddess as a binary couple, nor do I worship cisgendered polarities. I do not believe in Karma nor the Christianised idea of the 'Rule of Three' or 'Rule of Return' which is a big part of Wicca. I believe we must make our own morality and do good in the world based on a real desire to helps others and make the world a better place for all, not out of a sense of fear of being punished by a cosmic mother or father figure. This is how I'm able to practise witchcraft as a queer, non-monogamous person and provide my services to non-normative genders and sexualitues. Like many other witches, I have taken what is great about the past practises of my ancestors and combined them with psychology, gender studies, natural medicine practises and an imperative to let go of ideas new or old that serve to reinforce an oppressive status quo.